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Bubbles and Braces

I am currently in a rather pathetic state. I can't take a shower because my leg is fail. I have to take a bath, like a six-year old. Since I am so over self-pity and everything I do must be 100% legit, I've bought a rubber ducky and some bubble bath. The bubble bath is kind of bull though. They say you should add this tiny amount. That doesn't give me nearly enough bubbley goodness. I have to pour like a quarter of a bottle to get the suds I require.

I'm a bit worried. I'm going back to school soon, and as a cheerleader/general hot bitch, I've always been rather particular about my appearance. This brace is cramping my style, and my injury has made me lazy. I've kind of let myself go this summer, slumming it up with basketball shorts and greasy ponytails. And now I'm going to have to transition back into my school routine.

Don't get me wrong; I love putting outfits together and doing my hair and makeup in the morning. Some girls complain about how much we have to primp, but I've always viewed it as a chance to be creative. I'm not good at art, but I can make myself look hot. I may wake up in the morning looking like a scrub, but give me two hours and the right tools and I can transform myself into an Alpha Bitch Kelis-type. Or anybody else I may want to be. I just don't want it to feel like a chore, and I am tired of this brace.

One of the things I love about cheer is that it taught me how to let go of my anger and sadness. You can be having the most drama-filled day ever, but when you go out there and scream your heart out, jump up in the air, and smile like a lunatic, you are going to feel better. And even though I'm stuck on the ground and a lot quieter these days, I still have my positive spirit. My life may be difficult, but I'm still excited for it!


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September 2009

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